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What’s been happening with ONF…

Hey guys, Oz here. You may have realised that this blog has been pretty much dead for nearly a year. It seems that spending hours typing, taking pictures, adding watermarks and formatting is all too much for me. Which is why I’ve made the decision to stay mainly on YouTube (CLICK HERE). I upload bi-weekly (most of the time) with NERF related videos such as reviews, overviews and war footage.

I have also began recording podcasts. I record these with my friends Seth and sometimes Matt- I’m hoping to make a NERF only podcast with a load of other internet friends too.

An example of these podcasts HERE.

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I’m also selling MERCHANDISE. But more about that in my next post.. It’s really high quality and cool-



Thank you guys for reading, hope to see you in a completely different post.


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Nerf Rebelle FourVictory Review

Hey Guys, Oz here and welcome to my review of the Nerf Rebelle FourVictory. The Rebelle FourVictory is a hammer style prime blaster that fires as the name suggests, four darts.

It Comes With: The Blaster Itself: A purple shelled EXTREMELY SMOOTH AND COMFORTABLE blaster. It has a Nerf Rebelle logo printed in colour on the right side, and in grey on the left side.

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Arsenal video up on my channel

Hey Guys, Oz here.

Just a small message to tell you that my latest video is up on my channel!

YOU CAN FIND IT HERE <—– (Press where it says “HERE”)

It’s an arsenal video which means I get all of my blasters out and show them off to you! I currently have 26 but hope to get more. I don’t have ANY buzzbee blasters as they don’t really get sold over here in England, but hope to try and find some at the toys stores to review.

Thanks for reading guys,


Review of the Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator

Hey guys, Oz here. I’m back with a new Nerf gun review! This time i’m joined by Matty who’ll help me with this post.

The Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator is a 24 round rotating cylinder blaster.

It comes with:

The Blaster Itself-  A large sturdy foam flinging device. Green. Accurate range is about 40feet. It has slamfire (Hold the trigger and when the priming mech hits the most forward position it will fire) for fast rate firing. ABSOLUTELY TINY stock- doesn’t help accuracy at all and is bad for people with long arms like me. It has a comfortable trigger pull and the handle is quite short so may hurt big hands. The flip trigger has two holes so you can easily fit you fingers inside it to be able to rotate the drums. One thing to note is that if you try to press the flip trigger fast the drums will jam and not want to spin but if you press it delicately it will work. 

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Review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite X.D Retaliator-

Hey guys, Oz here and i’m back with my first “real” post. This time it’s a review of the N-Strike Elite X.D Retaliator.  Onto the review!

The Nerf Retaliator is a great blaster for upcoming nerfers due to the amount of  different combinations and roles you can play as from just one blaster.

It comes with:

The Retaliator Stock- A great stock for younger Nerfers however it may not be as good for older nerfers due to it’s short length.

The Retaliator Barrel- Is the same as the old Recon CS-6 barrel. It looks great on most blasters such as the Stryfe or Rapidstrike but may decrease range due to barrel lag. It also increases accuracy.

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