Review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite X.D Retaliator-

Hey guys, Oz here and i’m back with my first “real” post. This time it’s a review of the N-Strike Elite X.D Retaliator.  Onto the review!

The Nerf Retaliator is a great blaster for upcoming nerfers due to the amount of  different combinations and roles you can play as from just one blaster.

It comes with:

The Retaliator Stock- A great stock for younger Nerfers however it may not be as good for older nerfers due to it’s short length.

The Retaliator Barrel- Is the same as the old Recon CS-6 barrel. It looks great on most blasters such as the Stryfe or Rapidstrike but may decrease range due to barrel lag. It also increases accuracy.

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The Retaliator Grip- Very light and comfortable in the palm, however since the Retaliator is a top loader and not a pump action blaster, the grip is pointless. It doesn’t work well on springers due to constantly having to swap from the priming mech to the grip. On flywheels, this works well as you can keep your hand on the grip because you don’t need to prime anything.

12 Round Clip and 12 Elite Darts- Pretty much as is usual with any other blaster!


Features of the Retaliator include: Ambidextrous magazine release, One tactical rail on the blaster and two on the barrel, A stock adapter and a barrel adapter, Extra dart storage in the handle and a visible priming indicator.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Barrel Adapter that fits any Nerf barrel, Stock adapter that fits any Nerf/Supersoaker stock, Ambidextrous Magazine Release for lefties and righties, Comes with a 12 dart clip- not too many to take a long time reloading but not enough to fight a horde of “Zombies”.

Cons: The grip is pointless as indicated above and is also very hard to get off, The stock is too short for people with longer arms, The barrel may also decrease range.

Would I Recommend this Blaster?:

YES! 100% Yes if you are a new and upcoming Nerfer due to the many attachments it comes with and the great customization’s you can make which opens up a world of different classes to play as.

Watch the full review video here:

Thanks for reading my review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite X.D Retaliator guys and hope to see you again soon.




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